At Realcafé caring comes from within.

Our employees have programs for professional and personal development, and for quality of life improvement. Interaction with the community is constantly encouraged.

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Employee + Company

We have an active role in the health of our workers. Our benefit package offers means to the continuous care of  our workers and their families health. In addition, we promote internal actions to encourage healthy habits as for example, balanced diet and physical activities.


In line with our values, we are committed to our organizational culture, good communication, transparency, and ethics. Our broad internal communication and endomarketing structure keeps our workers and their families updated and in synergy with the company.


The culture of safety is an essential pillar to reach our purpose of zero accidents. For such, we count on the commitment and responsibility of all workers and business partners. Our occupational safety training and actions annual schedule foments a culture of day-to-day safety for the worker.

Quality of Life

Realcafé is committed to contributing to the workers’ wellbeing as a whole, to promoting physical, emotional, social, professional, financial, and intellectual health through actions the create a harmonious and productive work environment.

Community + Company

We believe that encouraging sports goes beyond health and quality of life, it makes social inclusion, discipline, and education possible. For this reason, Realcafé supports social projects and sports events and sponsors athletes from several modalities of sports.


We seek to broaden access of adolescents and youth to culture and education through partnerships. Helping actions inside and outside school premises we help these adolescents to create a base to develop their future.

Assistance to children and adolescents

We have a lot to contribute and share with our community, through donations and social inclusion and leisure actions we always aim at institutions that care for at-risk children and adolescents.

Employee + Community
Volunteer work

Our workers are encouraged and trained to do volunteer work not only inside the company but also through actions in the community. Our volunteer work program brings a sense of purpose to the work that goes beyond their professional day-to-day.

Resocialization through Work Program

In support of the program created by the State of Espirito Santo Justice Secretariat (Sejus), Realcafé offers inmates from the Espírito Santo Agricultural Prison (PAES) in semi-open regime the opportunity to restart their lives with dignity contributing to a fairer and safer society.

Solidarity Shop

Aiming to gather financial resources to donate, the company makes Cafuso and Reserva products available in the Conviviality Center and the workers have free access to the product and a suggested amount to be paid and placed in the box; the final contribution is, however, defined by the worker.

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