Realcafé creates a number of initiatives to ensure that our workers can become the best version of themselves. Our programs are in line with our values, which foster personal and professional growth.

oficina de ideias

Ideas Workshop

The Ideas Workshop allows Realcafé and Tristão’s employees, interns and apprentices to suggest ideas and projects that may contribute to improve the company’s processes, quality, productivity or cost reduction. Every year the best contribution receives an award.
sala de bate papo

Chat room

The Chat Room stemmed from the Ideas Workshop as a moment for sharing thought-provoking material, videos, experiences, group dynamics that may contribute to the personal and/or professional development of Realcafé and Tristão employees, interns and apprentices. They are brief encounters of up to 30 minutes commanded voluntarily by the workers with the support of HR.
funcionário sombra

Shadow Worker

Another project originated from the Ideas Workshop is the Shadow Worker, who allows our employees, interns and apprentices to live the reality of a different company area. This initiative boosts communication between areas, establishing a more reliable relationship, raising awareness of each area’s priorities and goals, thus generating more rapport, contributing to solving process deadlocks and providing suggestions for improvement.
estagiário produtivo

Productive Intern

The Productive Intern program spurs Realcafé interns to get to know other sectors of the company and to propose projects that make a positive impact on the company’s routine. The initiative encourages the development of the participants through providing experience in solving problems, suggesting improvements for internal processes and working in teams. The Productive Intern project also came to life in the Ideas Workshop.
amigos da leitura

Friends of Reading Library

Another fruit born from the Ideas Workshop was the Friends of Reading Library, a project to foster reading. The space offers books for employees, interns and apprentices, available at any time.

The books, donations from the employees through the HR department, are divided into the following categories: Business and Administration, Self-help and Personal development, and Literature and Fiction.

In addition to fostering reading, other goals of this project are to improve writing and communication skills and contribute to improve general knowledge.

educação financeira familiar

Family Financial Education

The Family Financial Education Project was introduced in the Productive Intern Program aiming at providing participants with basic knowledge for a healthy financial life through problem solving techniques and improving consumer decision-making.

The courses are divided in modules whose duration fits the need/profile of each group. The classes include group dynamics, talks, profile self-assessment, interactive activities, study material and one-to-one assistance if needed.

The instructors are Realcafé and Tristão’s employees with broad experience in the topics presented to students and guests.

café com o presidente

Coffee with the President

Coffee with the President was created by the Tristão Group President, Sérgio Tristão, and aims at promoting President-employee integration, allowing workers to have their questions answered and make suggestions directly to the President.

The meetings take place every four months in the Viana (ES) unit and once a year in Varginha (MG).

rh tá na área!

HR is Here

Since 2015 an HR team visits all the company areas once a month. In these meetings Realcafé employees, interns and apprentices receive relevant information and clear doubts on important issues of their daily routine.

The project has increasingly brought HR closer to other company areas.


Preparing for Tomorrow Program

The Preparing for Tomorrow program targets at providing the guidelines needed for the employment-retirement transition to be done in an informed and positive way. Thus, the Preparing for Tomorrow program also contributes to a programmed renovation of our workforce.

This initiative strengthens the respect for the professionals who have dedicated their time and effort to the company, contributing to the success of the Group. The program is based on four pillars that sustain the content: Financial Life, Family Life, Healthy Life and Social Life.

programa de voluntariado

Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program encompasses projects of different backgrounds which may or may not be connected to any institutions. The common thread is the participation of Realcafé employees.

In this initiative volunteer actions are carried out to favor public schools, institutions catering for the wellbeing of impoverished communities, as well as actions to prevent and combat fire inside the company’s premises – the Fire Brigade, among others.


Quality of Life at Work Program

The Quality of Life at Work Program started at Realcafé in 2017 to foster the wellbeing of the employees in a broad way. A series of actions and events are integrated by the common goal of improving organizational climate, valuing the job, fostering healthy habits, enhancing social and family interaction, besides strengthening one of the values of the company strategic plan, quality of life at work.
grãos de café

Coffee Beans

Taking part in the actions provided by Realcafé has been much more fun since 2018, when the Coffee Beans reward program was created. The objective is to foster employees’ engagement and participation in corporate actions.

Employee’s participation in actions proposed by the company is rewarded with coffee beans which can be exchanged for prizes.

The program impacts organizational climate positively, engages employees, strengthens relationships, and values corporate programs, initiatives, workshops and actions.

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