Interesting facts about Cafuso Factory

Production stages:
1- Roasting: the green coffee is roasted in an automatic roaster with capacity to roast on average 150kg every 4 minutes. Daily roasting capacity is 18,000kg.

2- Blend: the coffees are blended according to the Traditional Cafuso and Extra strong Cafuso ratio, products made from different amounts of Conilon and Arabica coffees.

3- Grinding: the roasted and blended coffee is ground in roller mills. Daily grinding capacity is 22,000 kg.

4- Packaging: the coffee is packaged in pouches of 250g and 500g or vacuum packages of 250g. Daily packaging capacity is 17,000 kg.

Analysis at all stages
To ensure product specifications.

State of the art technology
In January 2016, the factory was opened with a fully automated process.

T&M Control Room:
The control room, as its name states, monitors every production stage at the Cafuso Factory.

Where does Cafuso go?
To the whole of Espirito Santo market!

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