Did you know there are inspections for Café Cafuso and Realcafé Reserva packaging?

The commitment we have with the food quality and with the consumer’s health goes beyond what we first imagined. A good example of this is the careful inspection of Cafuso and Reserva packaging to make sure they meet the required quality criteria before they are taken to Realcafé premises.

It all happens in the subsector called Packaging Inspection, created in 2015, which is today linked to the Production Area. The Control Technician, Leomar Guimarães Junior, is in charge of this thorough inspection of primary packaging (direct contact with food) and the secondary packaging (indirect contact with food).

“From every lot of 10 thousand packages, a sample is analyzed according to its grammage, thickness, visual inspection, dimension, among others. If they are approved after all these analyses, they are released to be used by the production area. When we detect a non-conformity, we make a complaint to the manufacturer, which collects the packages. The aim is to ensure food quality, consumer’s health and company’s operation”, he explains.

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