Commitment to the environment: Stalls at the Residue Center change for the better

Adjustment to the National Solid Waste Policy, defined by the Ministry of Environment


Aiming to strengthen even more the commitment to the environment, the Realcafé waste stalls have been organized separately, according to their characteristics. The proposal is to ensure a cleaner and more organized place and contribute to the creation of sustainable ways to deal with the space we live in.


According to the Residue Coordinator, José Azevedo de Carvalho Filho, the adjustment was based on the National Solid Waste Policy, which defines the classification of the different materials. The norms and procedures adopted in internal and external company audits were also used as a base for this implementation.


“The environmental laws are relatively new, which demands more attention towards a sustainable development. We work diligently to avoid being notified by environmental agencies for wrongly disposing of waste. This organization of stalls is vital to ensure the continuity of several certifications the company has”, highlights the coordinator.


Another relevant aspect of the rearranging of the stalls is the control of pests and vectors. “Where there is clutter there is the chance of contamination. Organizing the non-recyclable waste, the containers, the coffee straw and other materials makes it easier to clean the materials and the area, to manage the space and, consequently, to eliminate contaminating agents”, he adds.

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