An achievement: the Instant Coffee Factory sets a daily production record in 50 years

In a year that started full of uncertainties caused by Covid-19 pandemic, Realcafé/Tristão has reasons to celebrate. One of them is a historical record: in the first half of 2020, the Instant Coffee Factory had a daily production average of 30,403 kg.


According to Production Coordinator, Pablo Guerra, this record is not the result of one single factor, but the outcome of every little individual contribution from the employees. “At the beginning of the pandemic we had to move some people from the risk group away from work. The HR area contributed to a quick recruitment action and we could rapidly replace the manpower”, he recalls.


In addition to the HR area, Pablo highlights that other sectors made a difference for the company to reach this result. “The Maintenance area did an excellent job on the machines; the Production area worked more committed and focused; the Support and Well-being area intensified the work with sanitation; Harmoniza, the contractor company in charge of health, monitored and assisted the employees in regards to covid-19; and all the other sectors in the company gave their contribution to the results”, he adds.


And the question remains: what next? For the Production Coordinator, the lessons learned in this period were of utmost importance and they will remain into the future. “All those who supported the company so that it did not close doors in this period have our greatest appreciation”, he concludes.

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